Digital Ballast

When setting up your indoor hydroponic garden, one must take many things into consideration. One of which is the purchase of a ballast that will fit your needs. In recent years there has been advancement and innovation with regard to ballast technology. This advancement includes reliability and innovation. Many indoor gardeners have decided to use a digital ballast over a magnetic ballast for many reasons. Most important is reliability. If you are going to be using a ballast everyday for a majority of the day, reliability is a must. The digital ballast is quiet and creates much less heat than the magnetic ballast. This will eliminate the annoying humming noise that is commonly associated with a ballast. The reduction of heat output is beneficial as it is more cost effective and provides a safer environment. One of the most innovative feature a Digital Ballast offers is the freedom to use either a Metal Halide bulb or a High Pressure Sodium bulb. Many gardeners use both the MH lamps and the HPS lamps during different stages of plant growth. Using a digital ballast for both lamps can really save you money. Digital ballasts can also have the ability to be dimmable. If you have a dimmable model, you can use a higher wattage bulb and slowly increase your wattage as your plants grow. These feature make the digital ballast the most cost effective and energy conservative ballast on the market today. A digital ballast that is used for indoor gardening is technically referred to as a digital HID lamp ballast, which is an electronic ballast controls and regulates the power of a High Intensity Discharge bulb. The digital ballast is powered by a microprocessor and is very reliable. The digital ballast is extremely energy efficient as it relies on firmware, which handles the initial voltage and start up to supplying the right amount of current to the bulb to ensure efficient burning. There are so many benefits to purchasing the digital ballast that it is truly an easy choice. You save money on electricity, you can use both MH and HPS lamps with the Digital ballast, lower maintenance, digital ballast produce more lumens that magnetic ballast, the bulbs will last longer, safety is increased as heat as reduced. Digital HID Ballast can save you substantial money on your energy bill and will require less maintenance. The Digital ballast will increase the life of the bulbs, which are used and can be used with a dimmer attribute. DHID Ballasts are can be retrofitted to substitute your old magnetic ballast.

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