Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponic Systems are sold in many different forms. The great thing about a hydroponic system is that it can be completely customizable. There are several different systems to think about when starting your Hydroponic Garden. The first and most popular system is the Ebb and Flow. The Ebb and Flow is also known as the Flood and Drain system and is probably one of the easiest systems to setup and maintain. This hydroponic system consists of a reservoir and a tray and does exactly what the title says, it "floods and drains" a few times a day. Another hydroponic system that is very popular is called the drip system. This system is also easy to maintain but may take a little more knowledge to get set up and growing. It also consists of some sort of reservoir and tray but instead of the tray flooding with water, tiny drip stakes are connected to tubing and then inserted into the medium of your choice. These drip stakes control the water flow that your plants receive.

Other hydroponic systems include aeroponic systems, deep water culture systems and nutrient film technique systems. For more information on these and other Hydroponic Systems that are available please contact a representative at Art of Hydro.


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