Welcome to the world of Hydroponics.

Let Art of Hydro teach you how to provide yourself with a clean, healthy and nutritious diet as well as teach you some of the more commercial options for growing. Lets first start with the basics of Hydroponic Systems and discover how it works and some of the more essential things you will need to know before your begin.

The first basic rule is Water quality. Since water is such a large part of Hydroponics you need to make sure that your water is suitable to grow plants in. All water supplies are going to be different. They may look the same and even taste the same but it is the elements that dissolve into water that can cause very serious problems. Lets talk about at a few different water supplies and talk about how pure water does not conduct electricity. With a water meter we can measure the conductivity or the amount of salt that has been dissolved into the water. In Pure water the reading is zero meaning it contains no salts. If you were to take some local town water you might get a slightly higher reading of lets say two, and if we were to take some river water we might get a reading of ten. All three water samples look the same but in fact are very different. Water is one of the greatest solvents around and to find out exactly what is in the water it is imperative to start at the water source. When rain falls through the atmosphere it collects many air pollutants. When it hits the ground it can also pick up many other sources of pollutants. If you are not using a clean source of water you will need to test your water and give it the proper nutrients to ensure it’s proper use with hydroponics. There are many nutrients out there to choose from that will adjust your water source to ensure that it is in balance and allow for proper plant growth. Sometimes when you add nutrients to water you will find that the small amounts of chemicals that were already in the water are already in the nutrients as well. So now we have twice as much micro nutrients than we need which can cause toxic build up and cause your plants to die.

When choosing your piping fixtures and tanks it is important to use the proper materials. There are only a few safe products out there that are suitable for the carrying or holding of water. The best examples would be virgin plastic or stainless steel. Reground plastics, galvanized piping or tanks or brass or copper pipes and even concrete are not a suitable. All of these sources can be contaminated which in turn can cause contamination in your hydroponic garden. If your water is not right then nothing else in your system will be right!

The next essential element is oxygen.

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