Ideal-Air Pro Series Dehumidifier 100 Pint

Ideal-Air Pro Series Dehumidifier 100 Pint

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Ideal-Air Pro Series 100 pint dehumidifier has automatic restart if power is lost. Easy to use digital display humidity readings, internal condensate pump, removable washable filter, 1 speed fan motor, powder coated metal casing for long life & a heavy duty compressor. Built-in defrost that is designed for operation down to 41ÁF. Set upright on their feet for 3 hrs. prior to use. 100 Pint unit: Temp. Range: 41ÁF- 95ÁF, condensation removal: (24 hrs) 100 pints (86ÁF, 80% RH); Power: 6.75 Amps/728 Watts; Supply Voltage: 115V-1 Phase-60Hz; R410A. Ideal-Air recommends that dehumidifiers use surge protectors and a dedicated electrical circuit. In the event of a power failure, a spike in voltage may occur when the power is reinstated. This can damage the circuit board which is not covered under warranty.

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