Can-Filter 250 M3/H 147 CFM

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Each Original Can-Filter¬ uses the most conceptually sound, pelletized carbon, packed-bed design to deliver the best performing carbon filter on the market. Even with the industryÍs thickest carbon bed, at 2.5 inches, the Can Original provides for some of the lowest pressure drops, even on smaller size filters. This hefty pelletized carbon bed effectively makes the Original filter the ñbiggest spongeî for VOC removal capable of holding massive amounts of contaminant leading to a lifespan that leaves other filters, frankly, in the dust. The Original Can-Filters¬ are designed for the control of VO (paint fumes, hydrocarbons, ect...), odors, and other gaseous contaminants. Built with the same proven packed bed design and pelletized virgin activated carbon we've used for 30 years, this line of time tested activated carbon air filters sets the standard for long life, consistent performance, and low presure drop. Rated at a conservative 0.1 sec contact time, the Original Can-Filters¬ provide excellent value and confidence.

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