PAR Pro 1100 Watt Hyper Arc HPS Lamp

PAR Pro 1100 Watt Hyper Arc HPS Lamp

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Par Pro¬ 1100 watt Hyper Arc¬ High Pressure Sodium lamp delivers a staggering 2,380 µmol on the Galaxy¬ 1000 watt turbo setting! The Par Pro¬ Hyper Arc¬ lamp has the ideal 2000Á Kelvin temperature for fruiting and flowering. The industrial construction of the Par Pro¬ Hyper Arc¬ allows the lamp to exceed all micromole levels currently offered. With attributes of long life, reliability and high efficacy (over 150 LPW) this lamp is an excellent choice for indoor horticulture purposes. These lamps are not meant to be operated on low frequency (< 70 kHz/70,000 Hz) electronic ballasts. Operate only with high frequency electronic ballasts, such as Sun System¬ 1 or Galaxy¬. Maximum output is achieved on the Turbo setting. They will also operate on Hard Core¬ or Hard Core¬ DE magnetic ballasts.
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