Rosin Industries X5 2 Ton Electric Heat Press

Rosin Industries X5 2 Ton Electric Heat Press

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The Rosin Industries X5 Electric Heat Press eliminates the need for a pneumatic compressor. This plug and play, user friendly heat press puts you in full control with it's built in electronic pressure controller. The X5 Electric Heat Press gives off a sleek and clean design that is perfect for any work space. Specifications: Manual and automatic plunger actions; adjustable electronic pressure control; integrated digital controller for time, temperature & cycle counts; automatic full press cycle function; manual incremental lowering and pre-heat function; emergency stop button; cast aluminum plunger cylinder for maximum durability; protective heat shroud; power 110V AC; temperature range of 0-400Á F; pressure range of 0-2.4 tons; 3 x 3 inch platen size. 1 year warranty on the housing and electronic components. 45 day warranty on the heat plates.

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