Sun Blaze T5 LED 48 - 4 ft 8 Lamp 240 Volt

Sun Blaze T5 LED 48 - 4 ft 8 Lamp 240 Volt

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Sun Blaze¬ T5 LED fixtures are equipped with 41 watt AgroLED¬ iSunlight¬ lamps. These lamps produce an amazing 4,900 lumens with a 5500Á K lamp color that is ideal for propagation and vegetative plant cycles. Sun Blaze¬ LED fixtures feature an advanced reflector design that delivers excellent reflectivity and diffusion. White powder-coated steel housing is louvered for cool operation. The Smart Volt¬ electronic 120 to 277 volt ballasts are energy efficient and high output. Hang vertically or horizontally. 12 ft, 240 volt power allows for easy operation. Environmentally friendly, mercury-free AgroLED¬ iSunlight¬ lamps reduce electricity consumption by up to 25% compared to traditional T5 lamps. This high quality light source provides excellent, on target light output. Features eco-friendly recyclable packaging. One year warranty on lamps.

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