Sun System Hard Core HPS/MH 1000 Watt 120/240 Volt

Sun System Hard Core HPS/MH 1000 Watt 120/240 Volt

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Exposed ballast design is compact and runs cool! Hard Core¬ offers superior cooling capabilities while extending the longevity of the capacitor and ignitor. Dual universal lamp cord receptacle is compatible with all Sun System¬ brand reflectors as well as other branded reflectors. Our Hard Core¬ ballast with dual input voltage easily switches from 120 to 240 volt power! Simply unplug detachable 8 ft 120 volt power cord (included), turn power plate around for 240 volt power, and plug in a 240 volt power cord. (240 volt power cord sold separately, Part #903082). Powder-coated steel housing with louvered venting and solid design helps protect internal components. Rubber feet reduce noise & vibration. Excellent ballast quality with high temp 150ÁC wire connections will provide years of trouble-free operation. Removable stainless steel handles allow easy handling.

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