Sun System Hard Core LEC 315 Watt 120 / 240 Volt Seconds

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The Hard Core¬ LEC¬ Ballast is optimized for cutting edge Light Emitting Ceramic¬ brand technology. Exposed ballast design is compact and runs cool! Offers superior cooling capabilities extending the longevity of the capacitor and ignitor. Dual universal lamp cord receptacle is compatible with all Sun System¬ brand LEC¬ remote reflectors as well as other branded reflectors. Dual power inputs easily switch voltage from 120 to 240 volt power. Simply unplug detachable 8 ft 120 volt power cord (included), turn power plate around for 240 volt power, and plug in a 240 volt power cord. (240 volt power cord sold separately, Part #903082). Powder-coated steel housing with louvered venting and solid design helps protect internal components. Rubber feet reduce noise and vibration. Excellent ballast quality with high temp 150Á C wire connections will provide years of trouble-free operation. Removable stainless steel handles allow easy handling.

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