TomÍs Tumbler TTT 1900 System - Trimmer/Pollen Extractor/Dry Sifter

TomÍs Tumbler TTT 1900 System - Trimmer/Pollen Extractor/Dry Sifter

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The TTT 1900 System includes a clear quick release catch bag, clear removable dust cover so you can watch the trimming process, three interchangeable meshes: 1/2 inch hole mesh for trimming, 1/4 inch hole mesh for separating small flowers from your trim; and a 151 micron pollen screen to isolate pollen size particles from final trim. TTT 1900 is compact and efficient for trimming volumes of 1 lb - 2 lbs per 3-5 minute cycle _ up to 24 lbs per hour. The frame is made of heavy duty (durable) furniture-grade PVC with food-grade aluminum axle and drums. Includes a heavy-duty motor with speed control, quick release catch bag and dust cover. Mesh nets are machine washable. The only tumbler maintenance is minor lubrication of the tumbler zippers as needed.

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